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About Anese

Anese Eun Cho is a Dallas artist from Seoul, Korea of Mongolian origin. Her positive spirit has broken through all of the boxes that have surrounded her in life. She has conquered many challenges and succeeded in being an untameable warrior with an energetic soul encased in love and hope. Her works reflect uplifting energy, strength, and fortitude. Its healing powers are limitless and undemanding towards the individual viewer.


Anese welcomes all on her journey, a path that has no end.


Special thanks to Armand Dimele, Robert Glaisek and Anne-Marie Duchene.

Essay about my work

          Creating art, including painting and drawing, is a primitive instinct, which I feel we’re all born with. Cavemen drew in their caves. And children start to draw as soon as they can hold crayons and without any lessons. I believe that we’re all born artists before the concepts of right and wrong and good and bad come into play. I know that my own journey started as pure instinct. When I was little I drew from dawn to sunset. I drew in the sand and in the dirt with a simple sharp rock or stick and erased them with a quick swipe of my hand or foot and then did it again and again.  I just loved it.


          If I try to say all that I want to say, my stories, my mixed emotions and unanswered questions would take an infinite amount of time to express. But with my paintings, I can express what I want to quickly, and I can be understood with a look or a glimpse. I can communicate so many years of sorrow, joy and wonders in one moment. It is the best way I know to converse with other people. It is also the purest way to converse with myself. My desire to paint stems from my inner feeling of wanting to see images in my mind again. I can only see these portraits if I close my eyes. If I paint, these images come alive. 


          Using a telescope to try to figure out how the universe works, or using a microscope to analyze the intricacies of the human body really hold no difference. Underlying theory of how these observational instruments operate is the same. In painting, one artist expresses a view of society, another expresses an ideology of the past and others express a type of realism. But I want to talk about myself because the story of me encompasses all of the above and more,just as one tiny cell contains the story of the universe.  


          My life has been full of trial and error. Instead of a shortcut, I took the longest path possible back to my canvas. There were failed projects, relationships and unfulfilled hopes and despair. When I thought my road was completely blocked I was down another beautiful path by my wise guru, Armand Dimele, and from there I restarted my journey. The entire time, through the good and terrible, like loyal friends, my little Moleskine sketchpads never left my side. I am transferring all of these sketches to canvas. 


          My paintbrush is connecting me to my pure self.  And I breathe. And along that journey I am breaking out of the box and traveling through the path and meeting my self once again. Now I’m thinking about the universe and energy. How and why are we all here…  All of my painting sessions develop simultaneously, it is here that my past and future meet my present. My questions are presented. Some receive answers and others remain open. I call myself a wanderer, a dreamer, and a student. You might call me an artist.

- Anese Eun Cho

Selected Exhibitions

- Scope Art Fair Featured by Evolve, Miami FL, 2022


- Vignette Juried Art Fair 2022, featured, Juror Vicki Meek, Dallas TX, 2022


- Center for Contemporary Arts National Juried Competition, Won the Best award,            Juror Colette Copeland, Abilene TX, 2022


- Group Exhibition 'Visual O', Mash Gallery, Los Angeles CA, 2021


Solo Exhibition ‘Fragmentation’, TELOGLION FOUNDATION OF ART A.P.TH.Agiou Dimitriou

  159Α546 36 Thessaloniki September, 2019

Solo Exhibition ‘Fragmentation’, Laboratorium-VeneziaSanta Croce-Calle de Mezo,

  1592Città Metropolitana di VeneziaVenezia VE, Italy 30135 June, 2019

- Solo Exhibition ‘Fragmentation’, Museum of contemporary art in Crete,

  Greece, 2018


- Group Exhibition, Darvin fine art gallery, Piermont NY, 2017


- Solo Exhibition 'Tales of light II', Paris Koh gallery, New York NY, 2017


- Aqua art fair, Miami, 2017


- Asian Contemporary Art Show 2016

- Solo Exhibition  'GHI' Gallery D'arte  2016

- Art Hamptons Art Fair 2016

- Solo Exhibition 'Tales of Light'  Gallery D'arte 2016

- Wook Gallery 'IDA Collaboration show' 2016


- The Mikhail Zakin Gallery 2013


- The Mikhail Zakin Gallery 2012


- The Mikhail Zakin Gallery 2010


- The Mikhail Zakin Gallery 2009


- The Mikhail Zakin Gallery 2008


- Participated in Prestigious International art fairs since 2008


- Studied under Robert Glaisek


- Pratt Institute 


- Ewha Womans University

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