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The Second Floor


I used to have a portal to a place of limitless imagination and endless possibilities.
Basically, the whole universe was mine. A window to wonders waiting to be discovered.
This was the unoccupied second floor of my childhood home. Discovered by me and
forgotten by the rest of my family.

My home was in Seoul, but I take that floor with me wherever I go. And now I’m sharing
it with you.

This series is my return to the portal. I’m recreating my second floor. The place where I
saw spring flowers, summer greens, fall leaves and winter whites through the windows.
Where I felt the sun rise and set and saw millions of stars and the lonely moon in the
sky. The time when I was pure self, untouched, undamaged. No fear, no wounds. Just
love, admiration and curiosity. Before the concept of right and wrong came into play.
When I had all my powers.

I am sure you have your own second floor, somewhere. All your healing, visions and
truth were there. Maybe you’ve forgotten or maybe you remember and your soul is
crying to go back.

Either way, LET’S GO!


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